DELTA-C is a private training institute specializing in local development. In operation since 2000, it aims to strengthen the capacities of development actors and organizations.

A Malian organization based in Bamako, it develops activities throughout the West African sub-region, through diploma training, non-degree training and consultancy support to development organizations.

The aim of the diploma training is to strengthen the skills of development executives and leads to the awarding of Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, Master's and DESS degrees in various fields. In order to overcome the isolation of the region and to strengthen the local development dynamic for executives from other regions far from Mali, the DELTA-C Institute has opened a distance learning programme in the Timbuktu Region since 2007, in partnership with the Timbuktu Regional Assembly, the Rhône-Alpes Region and CIEDEL in France.

Through short seminars/workshops (a few days or weeks), DELTA-C addresses the same themes as the academic training, but targeting more precise aspects, through a large number of modules allowing to respond to very varied demands.

DELTA-C also provides, upon request, various support/consultancy activities in the following areas Development and Technical Strengthening (in Local Development, Planning/Monitoring/Evaluation, Urban Planning, Environment, Urban Development, ...); Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (institutional analyses, organizational diagnoses, strategic plans, ...). It can thus provide technical support for activities concerning the diagnosis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies developed by the organisations that request it, or support for organisations to improve their performance or define their strategic plans, for example.

Some DELTA-C students are already beneficiaries of scholarships funded by several organisations (Belgian Technical Cooperation, Canadian Cooperation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, FAFPA,...). The recent creation of the DELTA-C Foundation will help a larger number of students to access DELTA-C courses, but also other university and postgraduate courses.